Walkin’ the Dog

Categories. I just don’t know what to do with categories right now! See, when I type this stuff in, I have the option of specifying a category for it. Well, so far I’m on my second posting, and I just don’t know what category this stuff is. Life notes, I guess. And look at that, I can add a category, since Life Notes isn’t one of the options. Maybe those options are good for most people, I don’t know, but the things I think about rarely fit into one of those categories. Well, I don’t know, maybe they do. I think about most of those subjects on occasion, except maybe sports. I don’t know if I’d ever write something and put the text in the Hobbies category. But Politics, Music, Computers, Food, Entertainment, yeah, I can see myself writing about those topics at some point. So maybe I’m not that far afield from the rest of the world.
Actually, I think I’m just a regular Joe in a lot of ways. I eat normal foods, sleep about 7 – 8 hours a day, think, move around, use the bathroom, take the dogs for a walk, wash my clothes, you know, normal stuff. I watch movies a lot. Like last night I watched The Fugitive with Harrison Ford & Tommy Lee Jones, pretty good show. And I listen to music, different kinds at different times. Most people who know me would be surprised to know that my car radio’s tuned to the pop country station right now. I have a couch in my living room and a table with chairs in my dining room. There’s a Craftsman lawnmower in the shed in my back yard. Standard stuff, living the American dream. No picket fence though, not yet.
So right now I’m getting ready to take my dogs for a walk. We’ll probably walk down the Bear Creek trail about a mile or so, then turn around and come back. Mabel & Rudy are pretty good dogs, don’t do leashes though. That’s why we generally end up going for walks late at night, after everyone else has forsaken the trails. This way the dogs are free to run around and chase the squirrels and bunnies without scaring the joggers or the cyclists. So now that it’s 11:15 PM we’re getting ready to head out.
Maybe I’m not entirely normal!
In fact, I’m quite sure that I’m not.
Have fun –