South County Sound

OK, I finally started a blog. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for some time now, just never got around to it. Now I gotta think of something to write about. I’m sure the whole world is anxiously waiting for me to write something, just itching to find out what I have to say. Well, now’s your chance!
I think that so far I’m not really interested in saying much. I guess I could give a little background on what I’ve been doing lately though. One of the main things these days is church-related activities. I’ve been playing in the band at Woodcrest for a couple years now, we’re a Willow Creek-style church with a very professional band / sound system / multi-media presentation going on every week. I’ve gotten involved in some small-group leadership roles, and I do a bit of child-care on the weekends while the parents are in the service.
I’m also playing a lot of music these days, just got done with Summer Jams, my annual live-music-in-the-park party at Cosmo Park here in Columbia MO. This was the fourteenth consecutive year that I’ve done the show! This year we had 11 bands play continuous music from noon until dark, five of which I played at least some part in. This was also the first year I did a solo acoustic set – mostly cover songs, but a couple of tunes I wrote over the years. I’m still waiting for photos from the gig – a few people showed up with cameras, so when I see them next I’ll try to get some of the shots a post them here.
One of the major situations in my life recently has been my relationship with Laura, my former fiancé. This past winter we had decided to be married on July 22, but at the end of April I called it off. Now she and I have been talking again, thinking about whether we can try to make this relationship work. There are still a lot of issues to work out, but we’re making a start at it. We’ll just have to see. For now, though, that’s one of the primary things occupying my mind and my heart.
I’m still doing database programming, mostly website work, to pay the bills. It’s going well, just a matter of keeping my motivation level up. As you might expect, there’s always something else going on in my life that I’d rather do than work. Not that I don’t like my work, I really do actually, I find it very engaging and challenging, and I like figuring out how to solve a programming problem. Lately I’ve been working with a couple other guys on a big project, and we’re doing ASP.NET programming and learning a lot about object-oriented programming and design patterns, so it’s really been quite fun. On the other hand, I still seem to have an aversion to doing anything that I’ll get paid for, no matter what it is.
Which means that I’m much more likely to help Zak move, or hang out with a friend who’s going through a rough time, or volunteer at church, whatever.
I watched the Al Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth recently, that was very good. I’d already been riding my bike a lot, partly because I like the feeling of riding, partly for the health benefits of staying active, and partly to save money on gas. The movie just added another reason – lower my overall carbon emissions. Using the air conditioner less frequently is helpful too.
So what else? My dogs Mabel & Rudy are doing good. I just saw my cousin Paul last week, and I’m going to St. Louis on Thursday to visit my parents and Aunt Mimi & Uncle Paul. I’ve been thinking of taking a trip to New England this summer, more about that later. I got a new roof on my house recently, and now I need to clean up after the roofers who left a dreadful mess of shingle trash in my yard. They hauled off the bulk of it, but everywhere around the house there are good-sized chunks of shingles strewn about. That will be a big job. I trimmed out some of the trees around my front door, but my yard is still terribly overgrown around the edges.
OK, that’s enough for my initial post. I’ve got to head off to my Monday night AA meeting, riding my bike so I need to get moving pretty soon.
Have fun –