Snow Day

A snow day makes for a great chance to catch up on some things, especially when the Internet is down as well. Luckily we still have electricity, so the house remains cozy warm under all that snow. I know that many people in the area weren’t so fortunate – power is out all over mid-Missouri right now. Not really much I can do about that, of course, but I have been and will continue to pray for those without electricity, that you stay warm and that the power company gets it fixed soon.

So what happens around here when the Internet fails? Of course lack of connectivity dramatically impedes the work that normally keeps me busy, as much of that directly depends upon connecting with outside servers. So some more manual, physical tasks arise. Mabel and Rudy continue to shed through the winter, so it came time to sweep up the excess fur floating around the floor. Not quite enough to make another dog this time, but they did produce at least a bunny-sized fur pile. The snow drifts against my back door prevented me from taking the collection to the outdoor trash can as usual, though, so I had to stuff it into a plastic Wal-Mart sack and toss it into the kitchen dustbin. Good enough for a snow day, right?

Patti made us a wonderful egg and sausage scramble for breakfast, complete with peppers, mushrooms, olives, and various spices and flavors. I constantly marvel at how well we mesh in life – in particular, we have exceptionally similar taste in food, and we both love to cook (and to eat!), so we commonly have better meals at home than we could ever get out at a restaurant.

I had a chance to update our budget for February and March, though I couldn’t access the bank statement since everything arrives electronically now. Still, I likely have everything entered correctly already anyway, so even without the verification from the bank I suspect we have fairly reliable numbers there. My micro-management of the budget might annoy Patti on occasion, but it does allow me to work even if a particular piece of data is missing at the moment. Don’t be fooled, though: As soon as I have another free moment I intend to download the bank’s version of things and ensure that they haven’t made any mistakes!

I particularly enjoy having the chance to do some physical labor during the day. Most of my work requires sitting and staring, with only my fingers getting any exercise bouncing over the old IBM keyboard. Today, though, I got to go shovel the snow from the driveway and clean off the cars! Seems like a regular thing lately, third time since the big storm on Thursday. We only got about three or four inches this time, but the warmer temperatures made for much more compact, wet, heavy snow. In fact, along the gutter of the street the water outweighed the snow. I can’t tell if I’ve built up more stamina or if I just have a more manageable pace now, but I felt pretty good today after moving all that slush. The last two times I shoveled I walked away with some rather unpleasant lower back pain; today the heavy snow did not seem to cause any malady at all. Plus, I quite fortunately found myself in the middle of shoveling as a large flock of white geese flew by, honking their way north in graceful formation.

After moving the snow from the driveway to the yard I proceeded to sit in front of my computer as usual. I considered reading my book about the history of Marvel comics, or maybe preparing for my Bible Survey class, or picking up any one of the dozen or so books I’ve either started or considered recently, but instead I chose to finish organizing the digital photos on my hard drive. Over the years Patti and I have had different ways of keeping track of the thousands of pictures we take (ain’t digital photography grand?), so it seemed good to me to try eliminating some of the duplicates, and placing the rest into a filing system we could both understand. Hopefully Patti finds my system usable; I know I tend to come up with oddball plans that work for me, but perhaps few others would find the organization even meaningful.

In the midst of my compulsively perfectionist photo categorization, we decided to cook up some cheese tortellini in a home made red sauce with spicy pork sausage, along with a small tray of tortilla chips with cheese melted over them and a small bowl of salsa. Very nice lunch, as usual when both of us are home.

After lunch, Patti reminded me that I had resolved to write something every day. I had come up with a couple topics, but none struck me as just what I felt like diving in to on this relaxed and unfocused snow day. Hence, I present you with this simple description of my day. It’s been a good day, a comfortable day. with no conflict or controversy, just a bit of light physical labor and some cataloguing of a type that I enjoy. I can’t say that I would want every day to be so quiet, but I do certainly enjoy the break now and again.