What’s it been, something like six months since I wrote anything here? Maybe there’s something newer at the other blog, can’t remember. Anyway, I finally got around to that plumbing job – replaced all the water supply lines in my house. Now I have high-pressure cold water at every tap. Still no hot water though, that’s going to take yet another big job. See, I decided to go with tankless water heaters, and one powerful enough to heat a shower, even with a low-flow (1.5 gpm) showerhead, draws 50 amps while it’s running. That means running 6-gauge cable to it. It also means adding a 50-amp breaker to the box, and as it turns out my box is only rated for 100 amps, and I’m over that already, even without the water heater. I’m adding two of those monster heaters so I can have showers and laundry, so that’s another 100 amps right there. If I take a shower and someone else does dishes, then someone foolishly flips on a light switch, then hopefully the main breaker will throw. I say hopefully because I’m not confident that the line from the telephone pole to the house is big enough to handle 100 amps. It looks like 6 gauge cable to me, which is rated for about 50 amps, probably the original electrical service installed when the house was built back in 1948, when people had a few light bulbs and a toaster in their house. Demand for electricity has increased sharply at my house over the intervening decades.
All this means that I have cold water available in my house now at the turn of a valve, but won’t have hot water until I get my electrical service upgraded by the city, then install a new breaker box, then run the cable to the two water heaters. Oh, and did I mention that the water heaters haven’t arrived yet? No big deal really, I can’t plug them in yet anyway.
While I’m here, I want to thank Brad C. & Bob R. for helping out with the plumbing job, and my many other friends who’ve allowed me to use their showers during this time. If not for them, I’d be pretty ripe at this point. (See John 11:39, KJV: "By this time he stinketh.")
Hopefully I’ll have hot water flowing again soon!
Until next time –