Well, I’ve finally decided that Windows Live Spaces isn’t really the right blog space for me. It’s pretty slick, and does most of what I want, but I can’t deal with all the advertisements, and it won’t allow people to post comments without having a Windows Live account. So, I’ve moved my blog to my own website:
It’s not nearly as fancy as this one, and it doesn’t have all the interesting lists and features, but it’s good enough, and over time I can rewrite it to do whatever I want. Since I control the server, and the software was free, and I have the source code, it’s entirely up to me as to how it looks and what it does. Right now it’s pretty basic, and will probably stay that way for a while since I don’t have a lot of time for fooling with it, but at least you can post a comment there if you want.
So please do!
Have fun –