Jeremiah 52 – Utter Destruction

I was on a roll, so I went ahead and finished Jeremiah! Now I’m waiting on you…

All the prophecies concerning the nations hold little interest to me. They sound like the propaganda distributed by a nation losing a battle: “You might have beaten me for now, but wait until my dad gets home!” Well, ok, not quite like that, but still propaganda. A few of the prophecies, those concerning the nations closer to Judah & Israel, close with the Lord promising to restore their fortunes. Not so for Edom, Damascus, Kedar & Hazor, or Babylon. Of course not Babylon.

But then contrast ch. 52: When do you ever see the writings of a nation who lost the battle so clearly describe the utter destruction they experienced and the hands of their oppressor? This must have been written prior to the Persian overthrow of Babylon, or surely that change of fortunes would have been mentioned.

I believe ch. 52 was composed by someone intending to substantiate the validity of Jeremiah’s prophecies. The only mention of God occurs in vv. 2 & 3, and Jeremiah’s name never comes up. The chapter just proclaims the human view of the tragedy, leaving the reader to compare the truth of the events against the prior words of the prophet.