Jeremiah 44 thru 48 – To Their Hurt

It seems that God has changed his mind since ch. 29! In v. 44:27 we read, “I will be watchful over them to their hurt, not to their benefit; all the men of Judah in the land of Egypt shall be consumed by sword and by famine, until they cease to be.” And clearly from the context, God is not talking about the people’s enemies, except in the philosophical sense that God’s people are their own worst enemies. No, God through Jeremiah is prophesying a curse upon his own people here due to their chronic and willful disobedience. Why don’t we see that verse tattooed on people’s foreheads more often?

I’m very close to caught up, but still not quite there yet. Tomorrow the schedule has us reading the final chapter of Jeremiah. I intend to finish as planned and be ready to begin Ezekiel on Saturday!