Isaiah 23 & 24 – Transition

Isaiah is just full of interesting passages!I had to stop yesterday because I ran out of time, not because I ran out of notable texts. And again today: We’re at a transition from prophecies against the nations to apocalyptic prophecies, and both 23 and 24 have numerous interesting points. The one I will mention from ch. 23: The end of the chapter paints an interesting picture of conversion, and none of my commentaries say anything about this. Are we to learn from this that the Lord will accept offerings gained in an ungodly manner? Are the wages of a prostitute proper endowments to elegantly clothe and feed the people of God?

And what to make of the transition in 24:14-16? The remnant after the destruction turns to the Lord who worked this destruction in the world. This in contrast to Rev. 16:8-9 in which the people refuse to repent, but instead curse the name of God unto their continued suffering. Still, even the songs to God in Is. 24:16 do not halt the coming terror, pit, and trap. Perhaps Isaiah describes a faithless mock exultation meant only to ease the pain of judgment rather than a true turning of the heart.