Isaiah 19 thru 21 – Random Thoughts

The message in ch. 19 to the Egyptians struck me. My first inclination is that Egypt and Israel are enemies due to the Plagues & Passover events. However, considering the friendly relationship that the U.S. has with England after that whole Revolution of Independence dispute, I have to assume that if we can work through our differences after only 200 years, Israel and Egypt might have managed to resolve theirs after a millennium.

Also in that chapter I noticed the idea of a “pillar to the Lord” in v. 19, which reminded me of something Patti said. Is this pillar similar to the Asherah poles? In some ways, no: The Asherah were typically made of wood, or even living trees, while pillars to the Lord were commonly stone (see Gen. 28:18, 31:45, 35:14, 1 Sam 7:12), though in this case the material is not mentioned. Also, this pole is clearly a pillar to the Lord, not to Asherah. However, while pillars to the Lord have history all the way back to the patriarch Jacob, I see no indication that Moses prescribed their use.

How could Isaiah have gone naked for three years without even knowing why until the end of that time? (Is. 20:2-4)

I like the Dumah pronouncement of ch. 21:11-12 – It is particularly short, and so vague as to be almost unintelligible. Just my kind of thing!