So why do people who don’t like the idea of calling this the Christmas season seem to be ok with the word Holiday? Holy Day. What is Holy? Doesn’t the holiness of a holiday come from God? I guess it opens up the possibility that God may not necessarily be Christ, but it still seems to leave the atheists with a misnomer. I disliked that word when I was an atheist even more than I disliked calling it Christmas. At least I knew what Christmas meant, and I knew who celebrated it, and I could actively be disassociated from them. If I call it a holiday I have an arduous task in explaining where the holiness comes from.

Well, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore. No day is any more holy than any other—God is everywhere every day.

I do enjoy the celebration though. I actually sent out Christmas cards this year! I had a certain amount of stress over getting all of them out, and in the end I didn’t manage to get one to everyone I had intended to, but I did enjoy writing out those that I actually completed. I like getting cards, so I figure I can make an effort to send at least a few.

Going to St. Louis for Christmas again this year. Erica’s step-father’s having a Christmas Eve gathering at his place, and then we’ll open gifts Christmas morning at Mom & Dad’s place. I always enjoy that, especially since my parents are still married and they still live in the house I grew up in. It really is like going home. I’m very blessed – Thank You God!

I also have to mention how grateful I am for the various church groups I’m involved in. I’ll be playing bass for the Christmas service this year, plus two home groups and a Bible study, and then a New Year’s Eve party in the church basement. If any of you from those groups are reading this, thanks much for being part of my life. Again, I’m very blessed to know each of you – Thank You God!

I’ve been listening to Christmas In The Congo a lot lately, as well as a lot of Yes albums and Tom Waits. I just put in A Quick One this morning, Great Album! I Need You, Don’t Look Away, Bucket T, and of course the rock opera A Quick One While He’s Away – great tunes all around.

I just got Ultraman Season 1 Disc 1 today from, haven’t watched any of it yet, but I remember loving that show when I was a kid! I don’t know if I’ll have much time for watching it this week, we’ll see, but I’m really looking forward to it. I watched the DaVinci Code last night, didn’t think so much of it. I guess I really don’t like Ron Howard as a director, he just doesn’t seem to have the knack for a good mystery. Maybe kids movies, which in a way is what that is, I guess. Now Rosemary’s Baby, that’s a good movie!

The photo’s from Wednesday at church—we had a birthday party for Jesus, and part of the party was decorating the pastors. Somehow I ended up being one of the people getting decorated. Much fun all around. The people are Bert, Mel, Me, Piet, and Ray. Kim took the picture. Thanks, Mel, for forwarding it to me.