Happy Endings

Just a quick post to say that I had a stress test today, and they said the test could not be more conclusive that my heart’s in perfectly good shape. Nothing even slightly unusual appeared on the test – I was on the treadmill for over 10 minutes and it all went just fine. So I still don’t know what was causing the strange events of last week, but it wasn’t my heart, and nothing of the sort has occurred since.

I also noticed that my previous entry concerned my plumbing, so I thought I should mention that I’ve finished that project as well. I ended up installing a gas-fired, tankless, on-demand Paloma 5.3 Series PH20RIFS 145,000 BTU water heater, and it’s working great. I can shower for as long as I want and never run out of hot water, and I can even do laundry and shower at the same time if I like, still having a hot shower. Combine that with the excellent water pressure supplied by all new CPVC water lines in the house, and I have¬†everything I could ask for in a plumbing system. I had lots of help with that project, both in doing the work and in having places to shower during the six weeks I was without hot water, so to all you who were involved, I offer my heart-felt thanks. And according to the doctors today, it’s safe for me to offer my heart-felt thanks without risk to my health!

Have fun –