Ezekiel 6 – Self Loathing

Two things about today’s reading. First from 6:9, “And they shall loathe themselves for all the evil they committed and for all their abominable deeds.” I’m familiar with that feeling from times past – it is not a pleasant state.

Then we have the first few of the 50+ occurrences of one of Ezekiel’s favorite phrases: “Then you shall know that I am the Lord.” God is very concerned that His people recognize Him for who He is. He gave them every opportunity to know Him based upon His loving-kindness and mercy. Since they refused to see Him from that perspective He is now going to treat Israel and Judah in the same way He treated Egypt approximately a thousand years prior: Great acts of destruction, wrath, and misery will be their sign.

So does God treat us in the same way even now, 2,500 years later? What is our punishment for failing to obey God’s commandments of spiritual faithfulness and social righteousness?