Made some changes to this site today, just added a few things. Now you can play Happy One on the media player (and yes, I noticed that the music doesn’t work if you’re not using IE, o well, you miss out! I gotta re-record that vocal track anyway, it’s much to muddy and reverberated for my taste), and you can see a recent playlist of mine. This blog imported the playlist nicely from WMP, but it only lets me put 100 songs on the list, and my playlists are typically longer than that. Still, it’ll give you an idea of what I listened to that day. I tend to make a new playlist every day or so then set the thing on random, but I doubt I’ll upload it to here very often. Once it a while I guess, we’ll see. And I made a list of some movies I’ve seen recently too, just some of the better ones. Well, that’s not really true, I didn’t think Wings Of Desire was all that good, kinda long actually. I liked Pursuit of Happyness better, saw that Christmas day with some friends, pretty good show. And somehow Cannibal Holocaust didn’t make it onto the list either…

Anyway, I’m up much too late again, gotta get some rest. A doctor friend of mine tells me this cough I’ve had for the past few days is bronchitis, so I should be getting more sleep. And I’ve really got to get back to work, the job’s not getting done by itself.

OK, enough of that for now. You have fun!