I’m starting to feel limited with this blog, like it’s forcing me into a format that I’m not comfortable with. I write on several different subjects, and this doesn’t do a very good job of separating those topics out. Sure, I can┬áput each post into a┬ácategory, but I don’t feel like it’s at all intuitive for visitors to read just one category, everything just seems to be in one long stream. I don’t know, maybe that’s just what a blog is, maybe I really don’t want a simple blog. Maybe I’m looking for a writing gallery, or a forum, or something like that. Probably I just need to create my own software to do what I want it to, and then I can run it on my website (
Well, for now this is going to have to do, ’cause I really don’t have the time to build what I want. I suspect something is available that would do what I want, but I don’t even have time to research the options out there. For now I’m just doing this.
Listening to Leonard Cohen’s Democracy right now. The Crocodile Hunter died yesterday.
Have fun –