dave cook: guitars, bass, vocals

damion jamison: drums

david loeb: keyboards, vocals

tom taylor: guitars, vocals

paul walstrom: guitars, bass, vocals

the sure facts of “gravity”

all songs copyright © 1994 pushmepullyou

all songs produced by pushmepullyou, except as noted below

all songs recorded and mixed at cecilworks; chief engineers david and dave;

except “dial down”, recorded and mixed at keywood portable studios; engineered by dan colemand; produced by dan coleman and pushmepullyou

final mastering by john bussen at tin man enterprises

band photographed by mayu desai

pmpy circle logo designed by tom

packaging design & layout by paul


our number one fan patricia ann

calvin case and the staff of the late wabash triangle cafe

annette, elisabeth and monica

brad & christine

dan mcgilligan for lending us the p.a.

todd of mosby music for the DAT

additional thanks

in alpha-ma-betical order–greg booth, john bussen, CBGB (cindy, guy & staff), color express ltd., mayu desai, DIM, michelle dvorak, tina farmer, pat huber, schuyler kingsland, maria massey, tim mize, juanita morales, dan stefacek, wayne shelton, joe taylor, all of our tolerant and supportive friends and family (i.e. many callously overlooked people), anyone who shelled out five bucks for this tape

this recording is dedicated to cecil, buddy, oscar, peaches, judy, teddy, and bear