The South County Sound

Saved for the moment


I’ve been playing music most of my life. Listen to some made by me and my friends. 

Spiritual Commentary

Some thoughts on spirituality, particularly Christianity.


Many videos have turned up lately of the South County Sound and beyond! 

I've Got Atrophy On The Brain

Amazing Radio playing Matt Duke’s song I’ve Got Atrophy On The Brain

Bang A Gong

Amazing Radio playing the old T. Rex song Bang A Gong

Sizable @ TigerPlace

The first live set by Sizable at the old folks home!
The Harrisees playing Cold Water by Tom Waits

The Harrisees in the tool shed playing Cold Water by Tom Waits on July 20, 2016. Camera work by Cari & Trent McConnell.

Posted by The Harrisees on Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cold Water

The Harrisees with their big hit cover of Cold Water, a song originally written and performed by Tom Waits


Amazing Radio playing Marilee by Brad Harris

The Poo Song

DIM playing The Poo Song way back in 1993

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